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    GSO specializes in Advanced Web Design. Effective web developement can increase your companies credibility and image......
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    Most of our designs are "responsive", which means it will adjust to the best viewing size of whatever device it is viewed on. So parts of the website wont be cut off when viewing it on your tablet or your smart phone.
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Popular Features

  • CMS(content management system)
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Integration(facebook,twitter)
  • Message Boards
  • Calendars
  • Payment Gateway Integration(paypal)

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Mobile Design

Not only will you receive a beautiful website but it will also look good on someone's phone. Your website look can be different when it is accessed using a mobile device.  The design and text will be optimized for the smaller screen of mobile devices, so.......

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With the rate that the mobile world is growing you need to be accessible on the internet and on mobile devices.  While your normal website is fine for mobile devices with large screens like the iPad or even large cell phones like the EVO, it still looks a little out of place for regular mobile devices such as the iPhone.

In the past we created mobile applications for the Android and iPhone. While the applications are great to use they are an overkill for the majority of businesses out there.  Here is a list of pros and cons and it clearly shows why we chose to go with mobile version of websites over building applications for our customers.

App - Apps are phone specific. You iPhone app cant be seen on an Android, so you have to make at least two applications(iphone and android)  if you want the majority of mobile users to see your app.  Not to mention a lot of people still use blackberry.

GSO Mobile Website - Once your mobile website is created it works across all platforms and on any phone.  

Ability to Update
App - iPhone apps have to be approved by the Apple Store.   Then it is available for download.  This process could take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks just to get looked at.  If it is rejected for any reason you then have to resubmit your application.  Similiar restrictions come with submitting Android apps.  If ANY change(no matter how small) is needed then you have to do this process all over again and wait.

GSO Mobile Website - It will update whenever you update your regular site.  They are synched together, so all changes to your website are instantaneously made on your mobile website.

App - Apps take time to develop and test.  Time is money and hourly rates for iPhone developers is expensive.   You may be able to get a deal of a company does your iPhone and Android application at the same time.

GSO Mobile Website - It's just a small monthly fee to keep the mobile version of your website up and going.

Look and Feel
App - Looks great! Navigation is easy and fast because its the mobile devices standard.  Users will be impressed and not have any problems using it.

GSO Mobile Website - Looks Great!  Runs like the internet, so users will be familiar with its navigation.  Not quite as fast as an actual app.


While apps are currently "cool" right now they are costly and don't really add any REAL value to a lot of businesses.   If what you need is your website info to be nice looking and easy to read on mobile devices a mobile version of it is all you need.   You will save a lot of money and production time.

GSO is an interactive design firm located globally, but physically in Raleigh,NC.  We specialize in mobile ready applications and web design.  A very large percentage of internet and information viewing is now being done by mobile devices such as phones, e-readers, and tablets.  Mobile has taken over and your company should know how to display itself properly on these devices.  That's where we come in.